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I am thrilled to share an insightful six-month journey that myself and Kabuki Spa embarked on. (And this is not related to COVID019, I promise.)

I am thrilled to share an insightful six-month journey that myself and Kabuki Spa embarked on. (And this is not related to COVID019, I promise.)

In June 2020 I signed up for a course called Sharing Privilege offered by Goodbodyfeel (GBF), an amazing movement studio in Hamilton. They offer more than just in-person and virtual inclusive- and decolonized-movement classes — they also offer workshops on body politics and inclusivity.  

I initially joined the Sharing Privilege course with the hopes of gathering awareness for myself and to take information back to the team at the spa in hopes of becoming more inclusive and diverse. I honestly was not prepared for the journey it took me on. Wow.

This program shook me to the core. It opened up my eyes to the fact that I have been profiting off of a culture not of my own — otherwise known as cultural appropriation. I did not respect the original meaning of Kabuki, and along the way I failed to give credit to the source. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theatre art form and I’ve grown my business over the last 11 years with that name. Sadly, Kabuki is actually a dying art in Japan and I feel like that’s important to acknowledge. These traditions are being lost and I hate to think they are being replaced by the ideals of more dominant and culture of privileged white people like myself. 

I had to make a change. 

Luckily I am friends with Xanthe from Oh Sierra, a brand and web design company. I immediately called her after the course and through my tears told her, “Kabuki has got to go.”

As an intuitive, insightful and thoughtful human, she got it right away.  

At the beginning there were definitely feelings of guilt. I felt ignorant and stupid and embarrassed. But it didn’t take long for those feelings to change into the thoughts: “I can take action,” “I can make a change,” and even “I can make a difference.” 

If sharing my experience helps open the eyes of someone, who like me, was unaware their actions were hurtful, then it is worth it. 

Appropriation hurts.  

Even if your actions are innocent. 

Even if it’s not intentional.

Even if you thought they came from a good place.

It doesn’t serve to deny the harm that we are doing to others. 

Let’s begin to germinate ideas that serve all.

I am happy to say this experience has brought me immense joy. The re- branding has led to mental and spiritual growth and opened me up to many possibilities. The creative juices have started to flow again. 

It is with great pride to announce that Kabuki Spa is now Wild Flower Slow Beauty Spa.   

The name Wild Flower came to me while I was looking out of my window at the forest that surrounds my house. I was remembering my childhood. I grew up on a farm and our house was surrounded by wildflowers. It reminded me of the freedom I felt when I was a child. How nothing held me back. How anything was possible. I then reflected on my team — the women that I work with are wildly creative and fierce and strong. And I thought about the women that come into the spa, and how these women are all wild deep inside. It made me think of being a wild person, free to embrace self-expression. 

Everything about the spa from the beginning has been about Mother Nature. One of the most amazing creations from her are flowers. Flowers appear so delicate; sometimes if you only touch the petals you can damage them. And yet they can survive the harshest of conditions. Flowers bring us food — and therefore life — and are most delightful to the eye, bringing us joy. Flowers to me are endless possibilities. All of those those thoughts culminated in the new name of Wild Flower 

From this day forward we are heart-centred ambassadors of joy and it is our mission to plant seeds of wild flowers everywhere we go. It is about love and mindfulness, appreciation and gratitude. 

We all hold a fire inside of us and a desire to be free and expand the way we want. We all feel the Earth under our feet and energy that flows through us making us wise and thoughtful and curious. We see the water and how it nourishes us and allows us to flow emotionally, to cry and to laugh out loud. We breathe in the delicious air to expand and think and give to others. 

This is Wild Flower. 

This whole journey has allowed me to feel more grounded, more colourful and more alive. The new name Wild Flower completely embodies who we are and who we serve.

As a gesture of gratitude, in humility and accountability, I will be making a donation to The Hamilton Japanese cultural centre. It will be a small drop in a big ocean, but i hope that this, coupled with the rebranding, will help inspire more people towards reparative action.

I must also thank the people who made this all possible.

First, to team Wild Flower. We did this together. Your energy and enthusiasm has sustained me through the ups and downs. Your passion and knowledge has created a beautiful new menu and birthed a beautiful space everyone will want to be.  

Next, I would like to thank Xanthe and Frank from Oh Sierra. They are more than just a marketing company. They have been gracious and patient and supportive. They were 100% instrumental in bringing this vision to life. It is special humans that can not only come up with a new logo and brand strategy but also show you the full potential of your dream and wake you up to the possibility of magic. You are both magical.

And last but not least I would like to thank Robin from GBF. Robin created the Sharing Privilege course and not only that she graciously met with me before writing this announcement to help me organize my thoughts. Have you ever met someone and not known how much that one person is going to change your life? For me that person is Robin. This experience has gone beyond changing the name of a business — it made me blossom. (One more reason I chose this name). Robin taught me I can be the type of business owner that I’ve always wanted to be, operating as an emotional human that leads with my heart and knows there is strength in that. I will forever be grateful to Robin — I would not be here today writing this now if it wasn’t for her.  

Please, everyone, take her Sharing Privilege course. Do it! Now!

Thank you so much for the last 11 years of Kabuki Spa. They have been amazing. But I absolutely cannot wait for the new journey of Wild Flower. I cannot wait to meet the new beautiful people it will bring into our lives and watch as our relationship with our current clients deepens. There is so much we’re going to share. It has been and will always be a pleasure to serve you.

Grow on, my wild flowers.



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