Self Care

Five Things you Definitely Don’t Want in Your Skincare Products

The skin-care and cosmetics industries are very loosely regulated, especially in Canada — and as a result, there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Welcome to Wild Flower

I am thrilled to share an insightful six-month journey that myself and Kabuki Spa embarked on. (And this is not related to COVID019, I promise.)



DIY: How To Extract Aloe

What’s better than using skincare products that feature aloe vera as an ingredient? Using 100 per cent pure aloe vera, straight from the plant.

Zero-Waste Kitchen Coffee Scrub

I am always looking for ways to reduce and reuse. I literally save every glass jar. In fact, when picking a product I will make sure it is a jar I can reuse. So only glass and a functional shape.