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Thoughtful Self Care & Why It Matters

HEY YOU! YES, YOU. . . . . Can you just slow down for a second? Take a deep breath . . . now take another . . . Ok, one last one. Now sit for a minute and count to 10.  Now how do you feel? Are you more calm? Has your heart rate […]

Glow From The Inside Out With Chocolate

Chocolate is considered a delightful treat for many. Some of us may even have a love-hate relationship with chocolate and wonder why it is something we constantly crave. There’s something I really love about the whole ritual of enjoying dark chocolate. I usually will make myself a tea or an espresso and savour one or […]

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Five Ways Silence Will Make Your Life Better

Do you live in fear of silence?  When was the last time you just sat still and made no noise?   If you practice yoga or are familiar with Mouna Vratham, a ritual of meditative silence in Indian Hindu tradition, this may not be a new concept for you.  We are inundated with distractions and responsibilities.   […]

The Elemental Reset – and why you need it this winter.

So it’s January, it’s the start of a New Year. It’s that time to get on track and start the year off on the right foot, ya know?  Clear mind, good attitude, all exciting stuff, right?!   BUT. . .  maybe it hasn’t been that easy. . . maybe you don’t feel that way.  Maybe […]

Self Care