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Thoughtful Self Care & Why It Matters

HEY YOU! YES, YOU. . . . . Can you just slow down for a second? Take a deep breath . . . now take another . . . Ok, one last one. Now sit for a minute and count to 10.  Now how do you feel? Are you more calm? Has your heart rate […]

Glow From The Inside Out With Chocolate

Chocolate is considered a delightful treat for many. Some of us may even have a love-hate relationship with chocolate and wonder why it is something we constantly crave. There’s something I really love about the whole ritual of enjoying dark chocolate. I usually will make myself a tea or an espresso and savour one or […]

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Self Care

The Elemental Reset – and why you need it this winter.

So it’s January, it’s the start of a New Year. It’s that time to get on track and start the year off on the right foot, ya know?  Clear mind, good attitude, all exciting stuff, right?!   BUT. . .  maybe it hasn’t been that easy. . . maybe you don’t feel that way.  Maybe […]

Holiday “Party” Prep – Wild Flower Style

Even though holiday gatherings may be non-existent this year, at Wildflower we still love and enjoy the whole self care that goes into getting ready for an event. Even if that event is a party for one. I absolutely love the excitement and fun that goes into getting myself ready for a special occasion.  Maybe […]

Self Care