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The Elemental Reset – and why you need it this winter.

So it’s January, it’s the start of a New Year. It’s that time to get on track and start the year off on the right foot, ya know?  Clear mind, good attitude, all exciting stuff, right?!   BUT. . .  maybe it hasn’t been that easy. . . maybe you don’t feel that way.  Maybe […]

Holiday “Party” Prep – Wild Flower Style

Even though holiday gatherings may be non-existent this year, at Wildflower we still love and enjoy the whole self care that goes into getting ready for an event. Even if that event is a party for one. I absolutely love the excitement and fun that goes into getting myself ready for a special occasion.  Maybe […]

Self Care

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Avoid these Ingredients in your hand sanitizers.

The drying ingredients in hand sanitizer can quickly cause havoc on your skin because it disrupts the protective layer of oils on your skin. You can develop sensitivity, premature aging, sun spots, cracking, eczema and bleeding.

On grief, crystals and coping

In 2019 I lost my dad to cancer. I worked and pushed myself through this period because, at the time, thinking of processing what had happened was way too much for me to wrap my head around. Then COVID-19 hit and I found myself home like all of us.

Self Care